Brad Pitt is the Voice of Chanel No.5 {Perfume Images & Adverts}


Chanel No.5 Extrait / Photographe / Photographer : Daniel JOUANNEAU - Didier ROY/ Courtesy picture Chanel 


After having been announced as the new face of No.5 by Chanel, actor Brad Pitt is first revealed in action as a questioning man asking the invisible presence of a woman a series of existential questions.

Our favorite so far is, "Do you feel lucky? -- Why?" which is the only line which might make us stop and think. "What's the mystery?" is so vague and abstract, it's harder to relate to. "Are you going somewhere? -- Where?" sounds at first like a practical question until you realize Pitt is so focused in his tone, it must be a metaphysical question...

 What is the link between those lines and the perfume No.5 by Chanel?

Gabrielle Chanel had this idea that a woman who does not wear perfume has no future.

To use an American expression, it is a bit as if perfume was the sign that you feel like a million dollars. And then, "you only lend to the rich", as the French expression goes.

Perfume attracts luck because it makes you be perceived as believing in your luck.

There have been studies moreover which have tended to show that people are nicer to strangers who wear perfume than to those who don't. You can yourself perhaps remember moments such as when you were tired after a hard day's work and then felt uplifted suddenly by the perception of a beautiful scent. 

So, in this non-futile sense, perfume can have an impact on your behavior and those coming close to you. 

By wearing a perfume, you become somewhat of a "mover and shaker", not only of molecules, but atmosphere, and relationships. You leave with your trail the message that you are not one to stay satisfied with the status quo. 

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