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Madonna will launch a new flanker to her debut scent Truth or Dare from December 2012 called Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked. Yes, that last word had to be in there. And as you might or might not have guessed, Madonna created long leads to the perfume launch by stripping down on stage during her 2012 summer tour; it had nothing to do with a mid-life crisis. It was a marketing plan. The flashes of breast and buttock were like moments of truth. 

The new opus is said to be even more sensual, ready to lure you in by all possible means: nakedness and the promise of truth. In Madonna's world, it seems, nakedness = truth and truth = nakedness. 

"Bold Revealing Exposed

Strip down the layers and reveal your true nature Dare to bare it all"...


 The floral woody juice was composed by perfumer Stephen Nielsen of Givaudan who did the first Madonna Truth or Dare. The accent this time was resolutely put on emphasizing the "addictive" character of the fragrance. The nose said,

"For Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked, we truly based it upon the addictive accord from Truth or Dare and made it the centrepiece of this new creation."

Nielsen further reflected that,

"What makes this fragrance so unique is the combination of the creamy woodiness paired with yummy additive nuances that mingle perfectly with the sparkling, inviting floralcy."

 Australian sandalwood and benzoin from Laos contribute essentially to the creamy texture. 

The eau de parfum opens on head notes of honeysuckle, peach blossom and neroli. The heart contains sensual vanilla orchid, cocoa flower, lily of the valley. The base features Texas cedarwood, an oud wood accord and Australian sandalwood. 

We can all note that for once, the material oud is being offered as the result of an artful accord rather than offered as a rare, precious raw material sourced from an exotic forest, a fact which is somewhat left in the vague most of the time, as if the world was experiencing excedent crops of agarwood, which is not the case. It remains rare. 

The flacon by Fabien Baron loses its opaque white coating while retaining the original shape. The color of the jus is said to be inspired by Madonna's favorite rose champagne just as it gets poured into crystal glasses. 

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