Olivier Durbano Héliotrope (2012): Bottling the Aura of Bloodstone {New Perfume}


Parisian niche perfume house named after its founder, Olivier Durbano, have released their 8th perfume in the series called Bijoux et Parfums de Pierres Poèmes, which is inspired each time by a new semi-precious stone filled with symbolism and history. The motto of the house is "To create Love and Beauty in the world..." This time, Héliotrope is inspired by the green chalcedony stone spotted with bright red also called Bloodstone...



The composition reprises incense as one of its key notes, a recurring olfactory theme for the house. The scent features notes of elemi incense, oliban, ginger, red mandarin, angelica, red pepper, saffron, magnolia, nagarmotha, heliotrope, myrrh, cedar wood, sandalwood, musk, ambergris and benzoin. 

To accompany the new release, a limited-edition 140 X 140 cm silk shawl taking inspiration from the heliotrope stone was created.

A 100 ml eau de parfum retails for 150€ in Europe and $150 in the US.

You can read more about this fragrance house and its ongoing project in this blog interview from 2006 on The Scented Salamander.

Via OlivierDurbano.com


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