Carine Roitfeld to Launch Signature Perfume {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfume}


 New global fashion director of Harper's Bazaar and mulit-talented fashion creative Carine Roitfeld is said to be preparing to launch a debut perfume under her own name after having recently partnered with MAC for a limited-edition line of makeup representative of her smeared and smoky look...

 Roitfeld was notoriously booted out of French Vogue following criticisim of her soft-porn aesthetic leanings, which she used with children models thereby crossing an invisible line of prudence in a social environment which is extremely concerned by the impact Internet has on the banalization of pornography and the vulnerability of children to that violent and humanely degrading visual culture. 

The fashion editor is close friends with designer Tom Ford who is also famous for that stylistic preference which he has abundantly illustrated with perfume ads, which sometimes looked downright greasy and porno, without being soft anymore, really.

Ford of course is also great with perfumes so we're pretty sure Roitfeld took his advice or will, if it hasn't happened already. 

Via The Telegraph; Image: MAC

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