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Actress Blake Lively seems to have a completely sweetheart personality. She is known - besides her role in the glam look-book series Gossip Girl (which we can't help but find unwatchable even on that account) - for her love of baking. Now we learn on the occasion of her promotional tour for perfume Gucci Première that she is an all-out sentimental, loves frames and picture albums as well as perfume as it is to her first and foremost an identity marker, a treasury of memories and generally speaking a sentimental bridge to people she loves...

So, in the spirit of gift-giving that marks the Holidays season {See our 2012 Holidays Perfume Shopping Guide Part 1, Part 2 & more to come}, here is what she had to say about the role perfume can play in our lives,

"Fragrance is something my father would always give to my mother, we've always given it in my family. It's an identifier, it tells a story," Blake explained. "It's a great gift because it's so comforting to be near someone you love and you recognise their smell you can say aaahh that's you! It's a selfish gift to give because you get so much pleasure out of it as well."

Isn't she ever so sweet? She even worries that perfume might be too selfish a gift!  We say, no, it ain't so, because perfume can really spread the joy and even make a positive impression on strangers met at random on a street, passers-by who will be startled out of their routine by the irruption of a beautiful smell just like that, out of the blue. 

Perfume can be about opening a vista onto a new world of possibilities, in the best of cases. We'll conveniently forget for now the screechingly bad or vulgar perfumes that feel like industrial and moral wastes. But there aren't too many of those at any rate as perfume was devised in the first place to be pleasant and to cover up foul smells.  

The real issue usually is to know what is a good perfume vs. a great one. But that's really a critical standpoint. Fragrances usually run the gamut of pleasant, and like Blake Lively says, because they are sentimental objects, we don't care if a perfume smells of just apple if it reminds us of magical memories. 

Via Belfast Telegraph - picture © Aby Baker

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