Time to Christmas Shop! Part 2 {Perfumed List - 2012 Holidays Gift Guide}


One of the markers of the Holidays season is the irruption of limited-editions onto the market to tempt you into rethinking old favorites, or alternatively appreciate the transiency of the season with perfumes even more ephemeral than usual.

Nina Ricci above have captured well the spirit of the festive season by turning their apple-shaped bottle into a Xmas decoration of sorts, only it's for your vanity rather than for a tree. Just looking at that sparkly, buxom apple makes you think all sorts of cosy, indulgent, and yes, fairy-tale-oriented thoughts...

It's called the Princess for a Day / Princesse d'un Jour edition. The jus remains the same {see Perfume Review} but you're supposed to feel differently about it thanks to your visual imagination and synesthesia thereby renewing your associations with the scent.

The fragrance is a gourmand, targeting younger women. It's been a hit in France since the day it came out thanks to master perfumer Olivier Cresp who always knows how to hold you by your tastebuds - he is the author of Angel - and of course if you wear Aquolina Pink Sugar with gusto, you won't be stopped into wearing a perfume smelling of apple toffee, at any age (£51 or 65€). Sephora, Cheapsmells.com


A lip balm which smells like rosé champagne is what Vaseline came up with this year with Pink Bubbly. It's supposed to help lessen inhibitions, si, si, that's what they are blatantly stating in their osé rosé ad. The advert not only plays out decadence Bacchus-style but evokes proverbial French naughtiness with an invitation to French-kiss sans faux-pas with softly colored pink and sheen as well as a hint of grapey tipsiness (£3,59). We're not sure at this point the product belong in the aisles of Boots vs. an X-rated shop, but you do find it at Boots or Selfridges. 


Out for a limited time only, like each year Clinique make sure that faithfuls of Wrappings - a perfume with a funny name, we think - born in 1990 in the era of clean ozonic perfumes can enjoy the by-now scarce scent thanks to a festive annual coffret. It's an acknowledgement of the quality of the green, aromatic floral fragrance while a realistic take on the very niche segment of the market of its wearers. You're invited to seize the day or offer a hard-to-find perfume available only in 25 ml spray with a Body Smoother to boot (From 45€). Clinique or Douglas.

Olfactory Pyramid: Head: artemisia, aldehydes, lavender, mace; Heart: cyclamen, rose, iris, hyacinth; Base: cedar wood, patchouli, leather, marine note. 



Cire Trudon, the French candle-maker est. 1643 and now a must-see in magazine spreads about trendy homes have released a limited-edition scented candle (9.5 oz - 65 hours) from November 12th 2012 called Melchior to pay homage to the symbolism of the Three Magi. The blend wafts of musk, amber, labbdanum and myrrh (65€ or $98). Luckyscent.com, retailers. 

More 2012 Holidays gift ideas to come, stay tuned.

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