Chinese Airline Apply Zero-Tolerance Policy Vis-a-Vis Smelly Armpits {The 5th Sense in the News}


In a quirky twist on the idea of rigorous selection criteria to evaluate the fitness of pilots to work for 4th largest Chinese airlines company, Hainan Airlines, recruiters implemented a smell test conducted the old-fashion way if we are to believe pictures showing them fanning potential recruits under their armpits with their hands while inhaling the displaced air...


Concerned that their passengers might suffer from smelly-pilots-in-cockpit emissions, pilots who had 20/20 vision, were at least 6'2" high, had pleasant faces, and spoke English also had to pass the smell test. The body odor criterium is potentially considered as an indicator of good stress management capacities. 

"Our staff work in close contact with the public, and no passenger wants to smell the armpits of a pilot. If they can keep smelling fresh during this test, they should be able to stay the same way in the cockpit."


 They do not say whether or not malodorous passengers will be screened in the same manner to match the elite odorless pilots and the image of olfatory perfection of the company. Yes, that's right, we can assume that olfactory perfection equates no smell at all in this case. 

Via SZnews

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