Victoria's Secret Wish to Make You Dream with a $500,000 Bejeweled Bottle {Fragrance News}


As part of the Holidays season, Victoria's Secret thought they might try to impress you with a really luxurious version of what they currently sell in their stores. So they decided that even though Bombshell edp is available for a fraction of the deluxe price if you pick the pink bottle or even the limited-edition rhinestone-adorned one, you might like to think that somewhere in the universe there is a $500,000 version gliding on clouds...



The bejeweled flacon was created by London Jewelers. It is part of a lingerie set comprising a bra and a belt which was modeled by Adriana Lima; the whole 3-item set is estimated at $2,5 millions. 

"The bottle is comprised of white, pink and yellow diamonds, sapphires, tsavorite, rubies plus a 10 carat white diamond and an exquisite one of a kind, hand carved tourmaline butterfly. Over 15,000 stones from around the world were inspected to find the perfect colored, size and shaped gems to create the one of a kind bra, belt and fragrance bottle. These fantasy gifts were inspired by the idea of dreamy fantasy garden filled with vibrant colored flowers and heavenly Angels."



If you want to splurge a little, you can turn to the Diamonds limited-edition of Bombshell ($55)


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