Twiggy Does Perfume: Twiggy EDP (2012) {New Perfume} {Celebrity Fragrance}


60s British icon model Twiggy {see portrait} launched a signature fragrance in the wake of the London Olympic Games which saw a celebration of all things British. Her scent called Twiggy Eau de Parfum by Twiggy London is the result of a partnership with HSN (Home Shopping Network) in the United-States...


"The personification of unparalleled beauty, charm and European flair, the Twiggy fragrance is elegant and luxurious. The Twiggy Parfum collection brings her iconic style and graceful charm into a beauty that all women can experience. This impressive gift set includes an eau de parfum and a companion fragranced body cream – fantastic for fragrance layering!"

The composition was reportedly developed over 2 years and is a floral chypre. 

Olfactory Pyramid: Golden fruits are followed by gardenia, orange flower and precious jasmine absolute and rests on a base of patchouli, rich amber and smoky musk. 


Twiggy, National Portrait Gallery
The Twiggy London collection wishes to tap into a revivalist vibre for the mythical Swinging Sixties.
Twiggy can be said to be one of the earliest accepted representations of non-conventional, non-classical beauty in the age of media standardization. She was too tall, too skinny; her eyes were too wide; she had freckles; she looked surly and yet she had style. Even better than that she was a walking lesson for teaching you how to be unique.
Before the Calvin Klein generation of the 90s she cultivated an androgynous look that continues to inspire contemporary women from show-business like actress Tilda Swinton.
"Once the defining look of the ‘60s, supermodel and fashion icon Twiggy now gives you stylish apparel and accessories that transcend generations. Her fun and funky fashions reflect Twiggy’s free-spirited and eclectic approach to life. This HSN-exclusive collection features loads of color and embellishments and exudes cool London chic."
A 50 ml edp is priced at $49.

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