Diane von Furstenberg Love Diane (2012) {New Perfume}


Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg launched a new perfume called Love Diane following her come-back fragrance, Diane in 2011. The new scent is an entry in the category of so-called fruity-floral perfumes, with additional gourmand touches, a group of fragrances widely considered to be aiming for unmitigated popularity even though they can be quite sophisticated and enjoyable in their own right...

A parallel would be that while no one is really going to fault jam-makers for not putting out challenging jams, in the perfume industry however there is always the phantom of elitism lurking, so that while you want to please broadly, you also have to answer to your peers about your contribution to upping the antes in that regard.

Love Diane oozes feel-good directionality. The tag line for the advertisement is "Love is in the air" ; kissy mouths flutter in a pink sky; the scent is indulgent.

The eau de parfum opens on top notes of red currant and apricot nectar followed by a heart of jasmine petals, everything resting on a base of licorice and praline.  

Prices: £28.99 - £43.99. Available at theperfumeshop.com

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