Gucci Guilty Black pour Femme and Homme (2013): Sizzling with Rachel Evan Wood & Chris Evan {New Perfumes} {Men's Cologne}


Gucci are expanding the Gucci Guilty franchise initially introduced in 2010, with this year, Gucci Guilty Black pour Femme and Homme. No surprise here as Rachel Evan Wood and Chris Evan continue to front the advertising campaign devised by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott in collaboration with director and comic book artist Frank Miller...

What has evolved are the color codes for the ad and branding image of the company together with the wish to offer a more sensual and sexier version of the original perfumes; green and red reflect the logo colors of Gucci. 

For once, youth culture does not equate lighter scents but the contrary, more smoldering ones. This time, Gucci said they went more for demographics targeting rather than for capturing moods. Artistic director Frida Giannini added,

The consumer interested in Gucci Guilty Black is really the same as Gucci Guilty, but younger and more daring,” she noted, adding that “the Gucci Black wearer wants to feel empowered and sensual. The fragrance helps him or her to be liberated and want to take more risks.” 



Gucci Guilty Black for Women is a creamy and warm oriental floral with red fruits, pink pepper in the top notes, lilac and violet in the heart, and patchouli and amber as base notes.

Gucci Guilty Black for Men is a fougère with coriander and lavender in the top notes followed by a heart of orange flower, neroli and aromatic notes,anchored in a base of patchouli and cedarwood. 

"Pricing for the women’s fragrance is set at 58 euros, or $78, for a 30-ml. bottle; 71 euros, or $95, for 50 ml., and 95 euros, or $127, for 75 ml. For the men’s, a 30-ml. bottle will sell for 49 euros, or $66; a 50-ml. bottle for 62 euros, or $83, and a 90-ml. bottle for 81 euros, or $108. A women’s body lotion and shower gel, and a men’s aftershave lotion and shower gel, will round out the offering."
The blog was the first news oulet to reveal to the world that there was a new Guilty perfume in June 2010. Then we made fun of the Catholic guilt trip turned on its head by Italian brand Gucci a few steps away from the Vatican; we also yawned at the dullness of the eau de bad boy aka Gucci Guilty for Men; Finally, we looked more favorably upon Gucci Guilty for Women, which at least can lay claim to some sexiness.
Via WWD  

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