Métro Madeleine & Café Angel {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}


This morning, we got a lovely, unnatural, yet distinctly present whiff of warm biscuits in the métro in-between two stations and realized it's the RATP madeleine accord created by perfumer Pierre Nuyens...

It is not obvious to catch it when the trains are overpopulated, but when the circumstances are just right, you can be caught off guard by the apt mellowness of the sensation: a métro tunnel then becomes something like the inside of an oven in which butter pastry fluffs up and gets roasted to please your senses.


"Le Chien qui Fume" by Frank Horvat, Paris, 1957

And then when you get off your train and get back to ground level in the streets of Paris, you may catch another typical scent which is not an institutional one but a popular one, Angel by Thierry Mugler. It mingles incredibly well with the scent of roasted coffee in the morning when people are taking their petits noirs at the café counter or turning desultory spoons in their coffee cups at terraces. The superposition is very harmonious making Angel a perfect breakfast scent.

If you want to take home some of these Parisian sensations, you can try Laurence Dumont Tendre Madeleine, a cheap & nice thrill at $25 for 50 ml or $35 for 100 ml which you can buy at beautycafe.com

The eau de toilette features notes of Bergamote, cannelle / Almond /Vanilla, white musc, precious wood.

Angel by Thierry Mugler is ubiquitous in department stores and malls and features notes of Bergamot, Hedione, Helional, Honey, Dewberry, Red Berries, Vanilla, Caramel, Patchouli, Chocolate, Coumarin.

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