Strong, Simple Scents with Man Hands Soaps: Forgot How a Man Smells Like? {Bath & Body}


Sometimes, a simple waft can help you reconquer your manhood. In the midst of a civilization unkind to the affirmation of uncomplicated values, you can use the kind of soap that will remind who you really are or can be, all the while getting cleaner thanks to Man Hands, a brand from rugged Lincoln, Nebraska...

They dedicate their work to making sudsy loaves meant to be empathetic to uncompromising masculine identities by banging down their fist on a cedar log cabin table for instance with Cedar Log Cabin soap, but also frying up themselves some Bacon in an iron cast skillet  Johnny Guitar style - and even quirkier - deciding that the smell of Urinal Mint has its place of pride on a manly man's basin rather than in the toilet bowl.

Incidentally, there is a perfume in the refined category of niche perfumery which betrays the presence of a similar accord in Extract of Limes by Penhaligon's, which we described before as "a photo-realistic recall of the scent emanating from men's urinals."

Other scents include Red Wine, Bonfire, Top Soil, Beer, Gunpowder, Baseball Glove, Cut Grass, Muscle Rub, Sweet Cigar and even the more controversial Cannabis. 

"Manly scented soap. Uniquely scented soaps that have captured some of the manliest smells this world has to offer into an amazing crafted bar, individually handmade by man."

To confirm the fact that the brand is about the never-ceasing pleasure of establishing strong identity boundaries, we even get bipartisan olfactory interpretations of manly political types, one of a Republican, the other one of a Democrat. 

Of course, some of these perfumes are at risk for appearing to be primarily targeting male chauvinist pigs, like for instance for Cash and Buttered Popcorn. The subliminal message here being that only men carry or make cash and that heavily saturated fats are okay for men (but looked down upon for women). 


Brewed Coffee, Valentine's Chocolates seem to really push the envelope of gender appropriation, but as long as it says "Man Hands" it's really all that matters. We are guessing that the coffee must be extra dark and brewed to dead-man-waking strength while the chocolates are 90% cacao and have been spiked with Everclear. 

It is fun to look at gender play in perfumes, especially when a bit outrageous. Those soaps might look innocent, but they do reinforce stereotypes while trying to create others.

The end purpose of perfume might be classicaly respected here after all despite the effort put in those left-field scents: making you feel good about yourself. 

Price for feeling good about one's manly attributes? A mere, economical $5,95. Available on Etsy. 

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