Hugo Boss Hugo Red (2013): Red Means Go, with Jared Leto {New Perfume} {Men's Cologne}


Hugo Boss have released their latest masculine fragrance called Hugo Red. The ad campaign is fronted by actor and musician Jared Leto. The tag line "Red means go" is about the pushing of boundaries, the don't-take-no-for-an-answer attitude. Apart from that, our perfume counter notes indicate a super classic men's fragrance on steroids...

It means that you won't smell anything new in the jus, but its power seems to have intensified. It's hammering, I'm a man's cologne, of that you can have no doubt.

The bottle of Hugo Red is supposed to be thermosensitive and change to the touch. How long do you need to hold that bottle before it starts turning its color? We tried and got fed up after a decent number of seconds. Our hands were warm. 

Official notes are: Galbanum, Rhubarb, Karanal & Ambery Note

Pic via Style Frizz

Here's  the TV commercial for the cologne,

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