The Beer Soap Company Rely on Roster of Brews for Appeal {Bath & Body}


There are a number of products that are not beers and yet flavored with beer, but it is a rarer sight to see a beauty company using specific beer brews to enhance the smell and properties of their products. The Beer Soap Compagny are just that odd entity, and they have been very consistent with their plan since ca. 2006, more intensively still since 2009...

A feel for natural ingredients, obviously, have led them to the idea of pouring beer brews together with lye to form genuine-looking round-shaped soaps stamped with old-world styled drippy ink. Today, they have grown to include more than 120 varieties in their catalogue.


Their latest issues are Boris Beer Soap made with Baltika No.3 made with Euro Pale Ale and Blue Ribbon Beer Soap made with Pabst Blue Ribbon Lagger. The first one is described as "A refreshing manly scent with notes of Patchouli, Citrus Peel, Campfire, Indonesian Teakwood, and Amber.

The second one promises to keep only the best bits of beer, "Malt Liquor straight from the tap, hops, spices, and berries! Smells just like a fresh beer but without the stinky side effects!"

Since beer drinkers usually know their favorite brands, this is a great idea for tapping into the reptilian brain and conjuring up affective memories while lathering up with your beer of choice. At another level, it is smart also because it combines co-branding with connoisseur culture with its weakness for acumen and sense of detail. 

Another trait which might appeal is that these beer soaps are not just for men, as is often the case when talking about beer-scented products. Man Hands for instance turn beer into an exclusive masculine proclamation of cleanliness.

With the Beer Soap Compagny, a beer can be found in the middle of a bouquet of ravishing flowers as with The Hispter Beer Soap Made with Brooklyn Red Lager, which is described as having "notes of Oriental Rose and Night Blooming Jasmine, Sandalwood with strong incense undertones. A blend of Cedarwood, Raspberry add a smoky undertone. Sweet Vanilla and earthly Patchouli combine with a touch of Musk, Amber, and Frankincense."

It reminds you that beer comes under the feminine purview in some beauty rituals. 

Beer here finally, instead of connoting a jovial, undemanding drink synonymous with relaxation both of mood and social constraints, is offered license to express moodiness as with Red Currant And Amber Beer Soap Made With Dos Equis Ambar Beer, "Red Currant and Amber is a multifaceted aroma with the sweet tartness of red currants with the heady moody aroma of Amber."

So if you want to cross-lather, you can go with these sympathetic soaps which break a few olfactory clichés. Hops are for everyone and every mood. 

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