The Case for Hairy Noses or How to Best Fight Air Pollution {The 5th Sense in the News}



Clean Air Asia have come up with a quirky ad campaign to call attention to the serious issue of air pollution in Asian cities. Depending on the degree of smog and other unsavory things found in your chemical soup also called atmosphere in some of the most recklessly industrialized places in the world, they advise letting your nose hair grow, and while you are at it, styling it...

The more polluted the air in your city, the longer your nose hair ought to be let to grow in your Darwinian response to the necessity of eliminating as much as you can small particles from accessing your healthy lungs. So put away your nose shaving kit for now.

We went to visit the site at Clean Air Asia Hairy Nose and came out at the other end with a picture of Jackie Chan with scorpion-shaped hair nose needed to breathe comfortably in Hong-Kong where the air quality is reported to be "good".

But wait till you see Beijing. Just the other day we posted a picture of its cityscape and it wasn't pretty to look at, if you could distinguish anything at all (see below). 

A Chinese hair artist has chosen for herself and her clients to adapt, and explains her philosophy of nose hair in front of a camera,

 And this is Beijing recently,


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