Dior Gris Montaigne (2013) {New Perfume}


Dior are launching a new scented opus in their newly re-named boutique Collection Privée library called Gris Montaigne. The perfume is named after the iconic gray color favored by fashion designer Christian Dior in his time. Here, it becomes the visual sign of the house signature elegant style as the dove gray, pearl gray shade is given its olfactory interpretation by nose François Demachy...

The perfumer opted for a composition in the chypre family of fragrances, the most easily elegant, tailored and aloof of the perfume genres. For him, chyprés "are the most emblematic of a vintage style" adding that "everyone's got a chypre in their childhood memories" turning one of the least sentimental genres of perfumes into a potential Proustian madeleine for our consideration. 

The eau de parfum features top notes of bergamot and mandarin leading to a classic floral heart of rose and jasmine, among other notes, the whole finally resting on notes of patchouli, amber, cedar wood and sandalwood. 

According to Vogue France, this chypre addition is "without embellishments and as perfectly tailored as a beautiful gray flannel jacket"

The brand however decided not to push the synaesthetic envelope too far apparently, restraining themselves to a jus tinted pink rather than a potentially interesting gray like they did for their nail polish paying homage to the same "gris Montaigne". 

Via Vogue France magazine

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