Diptyque Jonquille (2013): To Celebrate Young Spring {New Home Fragrance}


The house of Diptyque have launched a new scented candle to celebrate the arrival of spring 2013 called Jonquille (Narcissus Jonquilla). It is part of their herbier which they present as a collection of fragrant, seasonal botanicals gathered from around the world...

Diptyque are renowned for their elegant verrines and quest for out-of-the-ordinary, naturalistic scents preserved in candle forms. 

Daffodils, the brand say, are among the first flowers to bloom at the beginning of spring. Quoting Simone de Beauvoir, they propose that we meditate upon the following "Only one spring during the year...and during one's lifetime, only one youth," to which we answer "a new spring every year...and one's youthfulness is more valuable as of the mind rather than as of the body." Smelling fresh, young scents could help. 

The candle is said to offer a green floral scent with honeyed and mossy accents as if wafting in the morning in March. They recommend pairing it with Mousses to recreate the illusion of the forest undergrowth in springtime.

Price: 42€ for 190 g. 

Via press release

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