IFRANA-Directed Short: "Designing a Fragrance: From Idea to Scent" {Movies & Olfaction}


"In celebration of Valentine's Day, the International Fragrance Association of North America (IFRANA) today released the first in a series of short documentary-style films. "Designing a Fragrance: From Idea to Scent" features a few of the industries’ renowned scientists and perfumers,...

"...including Carlos Benaim (creator of Polo by Ralph Lauren), Christophe Laudamiel (co-perfumer on Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren),  perfume evaluator Nancy Cordaro, and master perfumers Steven Claisse and Mark Banwer. "Most people are unaware of the science, artistry and passion inherent in the fragrance-creation process," said Jennnifer Abril, president of IFRANA, "This gives a unique glimpse into the processes artists and scientists use to create the world's most popular fragrances." 

I was struck by how much perfumers are inspired by colors, visions, images, i.e. visual cues, something I find fascinating myself.

Via press release

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