Eve of Saint Valentine's Day: Roses & Gloves in a Paris Café {Fragrant Images}

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I took this picture yesterday night. I have walked so many times by this café/restaurant rue Hautefeuille which I often admire for its medieval feel, low ceilings, cramped quarters and general charming crookedness with this sense that it has been there for centuries and generations of Parisians must certainly have laid their eyes upon it, coming in and out of its door...

Close by there is a medieval tower with an ancient well underneath. In the past, an estate agent located on the same street, but now gone, told us the tower is haunted by a ghost as they think a murder was committed in ancient times and the corpse disposed of in the well.

I noticed bouquets of roses on the counter and so I'm realizing today it must have been in preparation for Valentine's Day. Nice.

Eternal Paris is so much itself that sometimes it feels like it is caricaturing itself. But what can you do about it?



Happy Valentine's Day to lovers and loving souls alike!


Joyeuse Saint Valentin pour les amoureux et les âmes aimantes!

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