Jennifer Lopez Forever Glowing (2013): Sweet Scent of Success {New Fragrance}


Jennifer Lopez launched her latest perfume called Forever Glowing. It is a flanker to Glowing. JLo is a pioneer in the celebrity-perfume business. Having released more than 20 fragrances since her debut perfume Glow in 2002, her case shows how enduring and profitable a celebrity-endorsed fragrance license can be, provided it keeps on moving forward... 

It also helps underscore how success further pushes these licenses to churn out more perfumes each year as a sector driven by a mix of loyalty and newness. Fans await.

Forever Glowing is labeled as a sensual, floral and modern chypre inspired by "Jennifer's inner beauty and vibrant confidence". 

"Just like a light breeze on your skin and wind in your hair, this JLo Forever Glowing fragrance is intoxicating. Overindulge with this women's sensual floral scent, ideal for everyday wear."

Notes are: saffron, white pepper, white honey, neroli, jasmine, suede, toffee, vanilla and patchouli. 

Madonna Truth or Dare likewise relied on a caramel accord to woo her fan base. Kim Kardashian is about to introduce a honey-inspired perfume. We can see how celebs currently do believe in the sweet scent of success, combined with white florals. White florals are typically a must with American women celebrity perfumes. 

Available at Kohl's

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