Estée Lauder Amber Mystique (2013): More Middle East Courtship {New Perfume}


Estée Lauder are bringing a second chapter to life in the story of their regional courtship of the Middle East. After Wood Mystique, we have Amber Mystique.

Making an effort to understand the cultural practices surrounding perfume-wearing in Middle-Eastern countries, the brand say they took into account the manner in which fragrance is primarily viewed as a wealth and status marker...

We returned to the elements which were the foundation of Wood Mystique’s success, including a consistent focus on the finest, most precious perfumery materials, especially those indigenous to the region,” explained Karyn Khoury, The Estée Lauder Companies Senior Vice President, Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide. 

The composition, to be launched from March 2013, is further said to be “full-bodied, intricate and darkly ornate”. 

What the brand don't comment upon, but which one cannot fail to notice is the use of the word "Mystique" in the fragrance name leading us to believe that their market research indicated that a perfume with a religious connotation would be more popular. This is potentially a delicate political topic and might ruffle some feathers, so a non-denominational religious term was visibly carefully selected.

Fragrance notes include amber, Taif Rose NP®, Oud Wood, blackcurrant, raspberry, pink pepper, ylang-ylang, Bulgarian Rose, jasmine, incense, patchouli, sandalwood, labdanum, leather and musk. 

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