Tommy Hilfiger Woman Flower Violet (2013): Inspired by the First Great Love {New Perfume}


Following up on the 2010 launch of Hilfiger Woman, this year sees the release of a chapter of that story with Tommy Hilfiger Hilfiger Woman Flower Violet. The perfume was reportedly inspired by the emotions of the first great love one experiences in one's life...

The cool thing with perfume copy writing is that it's filled with wonder. You might prefer the more realistic and demanding lines in Mystic River by Clint Eastwood where when the question of love is broached someone comments something like no, some people do not even experience love once in their lives. 

But let's say you are going to experience several great loves in your life, not just love, but great love multiplied. Flower Violet is going to smell like it, the next best thing to it.

"The fragrance combines the elegance of lush violets and rose petals with gently caressing gardenia. Sweet vanilla awakens the senses while soothing sandalwood envelops the skin like an intimate embrace. The base notes of mandarin, bergamot and ripe raspberries provide a final surge of power and remind you of the feeling of having found the perfect partner."

While we love perfume in general, we also dislike misleading people, especially young people into believing it's that easy. So, on the eve of Valentine's Day 2013, please take note, especially if you are still young, that beyond the first flutters lies a lot of work and tremendous discipline, like for all arts. Now, yes, we believe one can relax from one's efforts with a spritz of perfume, that is fair enough to say.

Prices: 35€/55€ for 30ml/50ml eau de parfum.



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