Two New Muguets From Yves Rocher & Fragonard (2013) {New Perfumes}


Spring is being heralded by the quintessentially fresh, delicate floral scent of lily of the valley soliflores this spring both at Yves Rocher and Fragonard. Muguet en Fleurs by Yves Rocher is the latest addition to the collection Un Matin au JardinFragonard wanted to celebrate 2013 with a "lucky" Muguet perfume in reference to number "13"...

One of the pitfalls of lily of the valley perfumes is to try to not smell like a simple bathroom scent used in functional products. 

Sonia Constant is the perfumer behind Muguet en Fleurs eau de toilette (24€ for 100 ml). Pink peppercorn, bergamot and lemon essential oils were added to the green, fresh blend. 


Fragonard are also releasing a new eau de toilette devoted to the little bells. We are told that Muguet eau de toilette "is filled with happiness". Head notes are neroli and peppercorn, followed by jasmine, muguet and freesia resting on an ambery base mixed with cedar wood and musk (15€ for 50 ml).

This spring, you can also turn to Liliana by Tocca for further choice in selecting a new lily of the valley composition.

You can read about Christian Dior's predilection for this flower here.

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