Estée Lauder Youth-Dew Fetes 60th Anniversary {Fragrance News}

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Estée Lauder are issuing a limited-edition collector bottle to mark the 60th anniversary of their landmark perfume Youth-Dew created by perfumer Josephine Catapano, first issued as a bath oil in 1953 then a fine perfume. It is noted for having influenced purchasing habits for fragrances, breaking the glass-ceiling of perfume shopping as women then felt they could allow themselves to indulge guilt-free in such an unassuming treat...

During the Mad Men era, it was men who were expected to offer such gifts. Another commercial innovation was the intuition that less barriers were better than more for luxury goods,

"Underscoring the importance of making fragrance accessible to women, Mrs. Lauder also innovated Youth- Dew’s iconic bottle by not sealing its cap. She understood that if unsealed, women could more easily unscrew the cap while browsing and shopping. A Woman would open a bottle to smell the fragrance and automatically Youth-Dew’s enticing essence was left on her hands. Even after leaving the counter, the captivating scent of Youth Dew would follow and ultimately lead her back for more."

The flacon comes adorned with a crystal-embellished belt cinching the middle of the woman-shaped bottle.

The jus remains its classic self,

"Youth Dew’s top note is a full-bodied, lush bouquet of Bulgarian Rose and Jonquil with Lavender blossoms, Chamomile flowers and Bergamot that brings a delicate freshness to this rich floral bouquet.

The heart of Youth-Dew is a blend of luxurious floral notes. Voluptuous Jasmine and vibrant Muguet are interwoven with sensuous Ylang Ylang and heady Carnation notes. Exotic Spicy accords warm this beautiful floral bouquet and add a hint of mystery.

The background of the fragrance blends precious Patchouli, Vitiver and Sandalwood with velvety Mossy qualities. Incense, Amber and Musky notes suffuse Youth-Dew with a warm sensuality."

Available from mid-March 2013 until June 2013. 

Via press release 

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