Six Scents Announce Creative Director Kaya Sorhaindo is Stepping Down {Fragrance News}


Artistic perfume label Six Scents have announced the departure of their creative director, Kaya Sorhaindo who handed in his resignation after having co-founded the brand established in 2007 with fashion curator Joseph Quartana. The project will however continue with some new ideas down the pipeline...

 "It’s with deep regret that we announce the resignation of Kaya Sorhaindo as Creative Director for Six Scents Parfums. From our brands inception to its realization, his creative vision has resulted in over 25 legendary Six Scents fragrances, numerous exhibitions and cross disciplinary collaborations. He has created a brand culture and identity that has firmly positioned Six Scents internationally amongst the most unique and artistic niche perfumery brands."

The label from its beginnings has specialized in giving free reins to perfumers who are usually restricted by the commercial imperatives of their trade.

The perfume bottles while graphically decorated and visibly designed with care make sure to put the accent on their olfactory contents by relying on numbers rather than evocative appelations, putting forth authorship rather than fragrance stories.

So far, the brand has issued four series arranged around central themes: Series One The New Experience of Creativity with a Conscience; Series Two–A Collective Creation; Series Three–The Innocence to Experience; Series 4 - Characters. The titles were changed overtime having become more economical. Each time, a collection of six perfumes has been proposed to connoisseurs' appreciation. 

Kaya Sorhaindo is said to want to focus on his Metaproject and the creation of a new brand, Folie à Plusieurs, named using French psychiatric terminology referring to shared insanity by two or more persons usually and originally, relatives led by a dominant personality. 

No new artistic director name has been floated about so far. 

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