Burberry Body Tender Launches Today with Cara Delevingne as the New Burberry It Girl (2013) {New Fragrance} {Perfume Images & Adverts}


Burberry are introducing a new, younger version of Burberry Body today called Burberry Body Tender. The advertising campaign shot by Mario Testino features the new Burberry Body girl, Cara DelevingneChristopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer said,

“Burberry Body was always about creating something that captures all the different characteristics of the Burberry girl.

With Body Tender, we wanted to explore and bring out the softer, more playful sides of her – capturing this light femininity in the scent as well as the campaign...


 Cara’s natural beauty and vibrant energy lit up alongside London’s magnificent architecture.”

While the perfume is technically speaking a flanker, the new launch is benefiting from a full-magnitude launch reprising some of the elements of the earlier, original campaign with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley like the iconic trench coat, the pastel, rosé-Champagne lit ad.

Cara Delevingne incarnates a younger, more innocent Burberry Body girl. While Rosie went for risqué, Cara expresses a sensuality which is age-appropriate given the fact that she is just 20. The British Advertising Board will approve of the message destined to adolescents!

At the same time, nothing prevents you and your grand-mother from wearing a youthful scent like you choose to wear a fresh color rather than a dramatic one to obfuscate any accusation that you are giving in to ageism. There, you're free to do whatever you wish to, as long as it doesn't hurt others!


The composition signed by perfumer Michel Almairac has been lightened and made fresher with lemon, crisp apple and green absinthe in the top notes. In the heart we have dewy English rose, white jasmine and sandalwood. The base is soft with cashmeran, amber and musk conferring a more restrained "understated warmth and femininity" to the fragrance. 

Delevingne has been the face of Burberry Beauty since 2011. With Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge, as a reference point, strong-browed girls have become in! So it is no surprise to see why this choice makes sense from a Zeitgeist perspective. 

Below are more pictures of the behind-the-scenes for the shoot for the ad campaign which took place on a boat on the Thames with glorious British historical institutions in the background like the Houses of Parliament.

Burberry like to stress that Cara is a true-blood Londoner so as to reinforce the authenticity of the imagery. It also means she's been wearing trench coats since she's a baby - thanks to Romeo Beckham as a kid Burberry poster boy, we see trench-coat onesies in the future of the brand - and knows they are useful in the damp, misty weather. 


Finding the right pose. Focusing.

Burberry-Body-Tender-Behind-the-Scenes-2.jpgTestino in full action. Bailey looking on. Cara soaking up the light. White couch making sure lighting is divine. 

Burberry-Body-Tender-Behind-the-Scenes-3.jpgModern and old London in the backdrop with the Shard and the London Bridge. The perfume bottle is said to be "architectural", so it reinforces this connection.


Makeup sesssion to match the golden-rosy hue of the ad.

Burberry-Body-Tender-Behind-the-Scenes-6.jpgExperiencing the scent.

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