Bourjois Celebrate 150th Anniversary with Mini Polishes, Two Inspired by Perfumes {Fragrance News - Beauty Notes - Nails}


Bourjois est. 1863 first as a cosmetics company devoted to providing sticks and makeup pans for theater actors and then for every women, are releasing a series of commemorative items to fête their 150th anniversary including a collection of mini nail polishes with 15 new shades called Mini Vernis 150 Ans. Each bottle bears a meaningful date in the history of the company with 1928 Soir de Paris and 1938 Mais Oui! being inspired by their namesake fragrances...


An advert from 1948 for Evening in Paris by Bourjois

In the era of scented nail polishes, Bourjois have not gone as far as scenting the polishes with the fragrances Soir de Paris / Evening in Paris and Mais Oui! - the latter is discontinued - but were inspired by the famous royal blue of the flacon for the first, and the pink hue of the rose note featured in the second one. 


An advertising ca. 1947 for Mais Oui! (Why, Yes!) by Bourjois

Bourjois like to underline how it was perfumer Ernest Beaux (1881-1961) who composed the celebrated Evening in Paris, the same person originally behind the creation of Chanel No. 5. He is also the nose behind Mais Oui!, Premier Muguet by Bourjois (1955), and other fragrances from the same label.

Today, conveniently, everything can be kept within the same house as Bourjois are owned by Chanel. 


The Mais Oui! nail polish is said to be a soft rose shade with silvery mother of pearl texturing. 

Each bottle is priced at 3,95€

And here's a You Tube video which was released as part of the advertising campaign for their 150 years,

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