Cult Perfume Miss Me by Stella Cadente Reawakens from its Ashes (2005/2013) {Fragrance News} {New Perfume}



As the fragrance industry becomes more conscious of people's serious, sometimes indefectible, attachment to their personal perfumes, also less callous about fast-profit fragrance launches, and generally are more aware and respectful of their customers' concerns (in part via blogs), we've noticed that last year as well as this year more and more perfumes are brought back, either by being more carefully reformulated or simply exhumed from the catacombs of history. Miss Me by Stella Cadente is one such example. Initially launched in 2005, it was axed by the Clarins group in 2008 in spite of its obvious qualities due to some sort of marketing mismatch...

We can personally still remember sniffing a whole, long wall at Sephora and settling our sights in the end on Stella Cadente Miss Me as being the most distinctive and the best. Because it is an excellent perfume - created by noted perfumer Annick Ménardo - it has generated a loyal following. On this very website, reactions of sorrow and regrets were expressed by a community of Miss Me devotees following its commercial demise.

We're glad to announce the news that it is available anew from spring 2013 both in eau de parfum and eau de toilette concentrations. The latter is called Miss Me Discrète.

Miss Me is classified as an Oriental balsam. It opens on top notes of Tolu balsam and orange blossom fading into a heart of Peru balsam and peony before concluding with notes of Siam benzoin and silk tree blossoms. The composition sees a systematic pairing of a floral note with a basalm note at all stages of the development of the perfume. 

15 ml for 25€ and 30 ml for 48€.


Miss Me Discrète is lighter and constructed differently as it opens on top notes of orange blossom and rose followed by a heart of "pillowy balsams" and leaving a sillage of benzoin and white amber. 

30 ml for 38€ and 50 ml for 52€. 

Available at, Beauty Success and at the soon-to-be-opened, dedicated website at

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