Choppy Waters for Stella Cadente Miss Me {Fragrance News}

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Three years after its launch, Stella Cadente's debut fragrance Miss Me has been morally and concretely axed by Clarins. The group does not want to manage the design label's fragrance license anymore due to losses and difficulties seen with the international expansion of the product.

The founder of the brand, Stanislassia Klein, is reported to be looking for alternative strategies for the fragrance and not ready to give up just yet. (via

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  1. Just for the record, I think "Miss Me" by Stella Cadente is one of the most intoxicating and long-lasting perfumes I have used. I first bought it at Sephora in Paris in 2006 and had a very difficult time finding it here in the USA. I hope that it is not tossed in the garbage can due to poor marketing. I think it deserves better marketing and another chance!!

  2. I LOVE this perfume. It is my all time favorite. I regret not buying more. I thought I'd have time to wait for my current bottle to run out. Alas, I waited to long. Please, Please, PLEASE bring it back! This is my all time favorite perfume. Love the "adult" powdery smell. So unique!

  3. Please don't do this! This was the most beautiful scent ever! I've used only this perfume & body lotion since 2003.When I was in Nordstrom and I was sprayed with a sample of it. Light, long lasting and sure to alway get a "what are you wearing" all the time! An "adult" powdery smell that makes me feel like a "girl".
    Please, the market is saturated with scents by pop stars and geared to the teens and twenty year olds. Stop marketing for them only! We're still here!

  4. I received a sample of Miss Me three years ago and ever since, it has become my signature scent. It is the loveliest scent ever and helps me to recall my childhood. The last bottle I purchased was through Nordstrom online only since it was no longer being carried in their stores. I am so saddened to hear this delightful perfume might soon be no longer. Don't these cosmetic companies have any taste?

  5. I purchased this perfume at the Sephora in Paris in 2006 and have tried finding for the longest time. I just found two bottles at Marshalls this evening and couldn't be more thrilled after reading this news! Please keep this perfume on the shelves!!!!!

  6. For so many years it has been a personal mission to find a fragrance that not only sprays on softly but that also DOES NOT make any patient, client, customer or human nauseated from a predominant, overpowering scent. I truly believed that "Miss Me" was the one. After purchasing it 3years ago at Nordstroms, it was all I ever used. Then, after becoming a "patient" myself, I loved it even more because regardless of what doctor I had to to see or what emotion my body was going thru that day, Miss Me gave me a sense of peace and wellbeing. It is almost A CRIME that it us currently off the market. I pray for a speedy return to the shelves for anyone who has walked in my or any patients shoes.

    maria Aldrich
  7. Please, PLEASE don't discontinue this fragrance. I am in total agreement with everyone that has written in!!! I am asked ALL THE TIME what I am wearing. I'm not a big fragrance-wearer, but this one has been my absolute favorite for a coupe of years now. I can't imagine being without it - no kidding!!!

    Jill Moore
  8. I was given a sample of this perfume and have been searching for a bottle ever since. It is a beautiful long lasting scent. Too bad Clarins has no sense for what women like. Please do not give up on this product.

  9. I am a perfume wearing young lady and this is certainly one of my favorites. It's a shame that it's not being sold. I am sure that I can sell it myself as so many people ask me about it! If it is sold in all department stores and other fragrance stores, it will sell! Please, Please, Please bring it back!

  10. I'm so disappointed to hear that the only perfume I'm able to wear without getting headaches from overpowering scents is being discontinued. This is aweful & a huge mistake! It has such a unique soft scent that gets nothing but compliments from so many. I would have bought a lifetime supply if I had known!

    mimi qubain
  11. It's the best. Please!! keep this fragrance on the market.

  12. I will simply die without this perfume...Anyone know where I can get any????? I am sooo addicted!!!

  13. Please bring Miss Me back. Nothing compares.

  14. I absolutely adore this scent. I have *everything* in the line - 2 bottles of the perfume, bath oil, creme and lotion. I'm going to cry when it all runs out. I'm rationing it right now!

  15. A friend wore this fragrance last year and I was hooked. Like a previous commenter, I, too, was able to find @ and thought I could simply reorder when body creme and fragrance ran out. Then my friend told me she was having difficulty finding it. I suggested she try, and she told me she had tried there and other websites. I actually panicked. I am so sick and tired of having products I like be discontinued. Based on the number of comments posted here, I would think it's obvious that there IS a market for this fragrance. I certainly hope that Ms. Klein is able to find alternatives for marketing it elsewhere.

  16. This is my favorite fragrance ever - others have come and gone but this scent stays in your memory long after it disappears. PLEASE do not discontinue it - there is definately a market for this fragrance. I'm disappointed that Nordstrom stopped carrying it and now find whatever web source I can to replenish my longing for this oh-so-wonderful potion.

  17. I am disappointed to find that this fragrance has been discontinued. I tried to go on Nordstrom's website and I couldn't find it. Will they ever consider
    selling it again at other store?. I always get compliments when I wear it and I am almost out. Please make it available. Thanks! Cleve, OH

    Melissa Dawson
  18. Received this as a gift. LOVE it and I'm not a perfume person. Always get compliments and people ask where they can get it. Family members have requested it for Christmas!! BRING IT BACK

  19. I'm a flight attendant and discovered MISS ME at Galerie Lafayette in Paris in 2006. I was hooked and it too has become my signature scent. I have been stopped all over the world on the streets, in restaurants, concert halls, etc. and asked what perfume I am wearing. For my fellow MISS ME fans you can purcahse it directly on line from the designer's boutique in Paris. The perfume is available but not he body creme which is more potent than the perfume and I used in layering.

  20. at 2007 i was in paris an i bought this perfume.Since then i cant forget it and i want to find i way to buy it again.

    evageli karounzou
    • I know what you mean -- I remember exploring a whole wall of fragrances at Sephora and retaining this one.

      Chant Wagner
  21. PLEASE bring it back to the US!!

    Liz McCormick
  22. I really need to know if there are any places I can get this perfume again....I bought it in Paris many years ago,and I need this perfume again to bring back some memories.I love this perfume,and no other scentenses compares,its one of a kind and very special!!! Please,if anyone knows where to find a sample,tell me...I will buy one private too,if that is possible!!!!

    Elise Collett
    • Hi,

      Yes, it's still commercialized through the beauty chain stores Beauty Success. A few online sites carry it as well.

      Chant Wagner

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