Réminiscence Rem & Bow (2013): Brazilian Mangoes {New Perfume}


Hip French costume jewelry label Réminiscence are launching a new beachy flanker to the original Rem (1996) this year called Rem & Bow. This time, the scent of the seaside hails from Brazil and is further perfumed with "all the tropical flavors of a mango". While a recent report indicated that the Brazilian market loves perfume but is more characterized by mass-market scent shopping at this point in time, there is no denying that Brazil is going to become more and more of a major theme in perfumery, what with its organic development and the upcoming Olympics... 

Last year, Réminiscence focused on Miami with Crazy Rem, which was very good. The house has made a specialty of issuing what one might call "gourmand marines" rather than just thinking about sea and air.

The eau de toilette opens on head notes of Bergamot, Italian lemon, Mandarin essential oil, Grapefruit Essential oil, Violet leaf absolute, Mango, Cassis. The heart features a marine accord including the molecule Cascalone, a Headspace capture of Pua Noa Noa, a Polynesian Tiaré absolute, jasmine petals, and a Brazilian maté absolute. The base has notes of cedarwood, brown sugar, musk, ambergris accord.

The shape of the bottle is meant to mimic that of a shingle while the topper is an allusion to marine algae. 

Rem & Bow is available in 20 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml for 17€, 38€ and 56€ respectively. 

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