Lalique L'Amour (2013): On French-Japanese Art Relations {New Perfume}


From French crystal maker Lalique comes a new feminine perfume called L'Amour. It is inspired by an artwork from the 1920s dedicated to femininity and flowers created by Lalique for Japanese prince Asaka Yasuhiko. More generally also, the brand say that the new line derives its artistic direction from Japan ..

"L’Amour: love that lasts forever. Lalique had already expressed the tenderness of a kiss in its fragrance Le Baiser… Hearts opened up in crystal on the theme of love. Today, a new fragrance is offering L’Amour a seductive, radiant bouquet. [...]

A Japanese prince closely related to the emperor, Asaka Yasuhiko went to France to study from 1922 to 1925. Having discovered with interest Western art, he chose René Lalique to create four large stained glass windows for the ceremonial doors of the drawing room in his Tokyo palace. A masterpiece of style and technical prowess, these stained glass windows were presented and displayed in Paris in 1932 at the Salon d’Automne. The main figurative motif pays tribute to woman. A woman swathed in majesty, she is surrounded by radiant wings that adorn her in feathers. Garlands of flowers escape from her hands and extend into a decorative band. A woman flower dressed in feathers displaying her finery; a woman bird, a siren of Antiquity, she embodies majestic beauty and reveals to us the love that René Lalique devoted to women and flora."

The composition is signed by perfumer Nathalie Lorson of Firmenich who's officiated for the brand before in particular for Encre Noire, a vetiver fragrance, Perles de Lalique, a modern chypre and Amethyst, a take on purple berries.

L'Amour this time is more about another classic grail of perfumery, the white floral bouquet conceived here as "an olfactory declaration of love". 

Per the ad copy, "The citrus freshness of bergamot deliciously blends with elegant rosebud and soft neroli. The heart, crucial in a love story, enriches the fragrance with a bouquet of sumptuous white flowers: tuberose, gardenia, and jasmine. The base is structured on dry, warm cedar & creamy sandalwood resting on a bed of addictive musk."

The eau de parfum is priced at the higher end of the designer perfume market at 98.28€ for 50 ml and 138.90€ for 100 ml, well into the territory usually treaded by niche offerings.

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