New Perfume: Encre Noire by Lalique


Lalique has issued its fourth men's fragrance called Encre Noire (Black Ink). It was created by Nathalie Lorson of Firmenich and comes after three previously launched prestige fragrances: Le Lion (1997), Le Faune (2000), and Equus (2001).

The new perfume is described as having a marked woody character. It makes use of two different types of vetiver: Bourbon vetiver which is warm, rich, and offers leathery accents and Haitian vetiver which is mysterious, smoky, and almost dirt-like. These notes are introduced by a cypress note in the head notes. Base notes are composed of Cashmerean wood and musks...


The design of the eau de parfum bottle was inspired by the Encrier Biche (The Deer Inkwell) created by Lalique in 1913. The flacon for the prestige edition is made of heavy crystal and wenge wood and retails for 495 Euros for 60 ml. The eau de toilette version is contained in a glass bottle also decorated with precious wood. The latter version retails for 49 Euros and 69 Euros for the 50 ml and 100 ml sizes respectively.

I personally love black perfume bottles. I find them to be both elegant and functional (the perfume is protected from light) with an aura of mystery about them. They make me think of black lacquer too.

How about I do a post on beautiful (inside and out) black perfume bottles in the weeks leading us to Halloween?

Sources: Fashion Mag and Beauté Addict. Top photo is the prestige eau de parfum edition, bottom photo is the eau de toilette version.


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  1. The bottle is indeed lovely - I adore sleek, no-nonsense flacons! Love the idea of a black bottle series, please do it! What would we have..... Black Cashmere, Habanita, the Piguet scents (Bandit, Fracas, Bahari), Vison Noir, Donna Karan, that Paco Rabanne XS (noir? black? I forget....).... Can't wait to read about them and many more!

  2. HOW seductive...

    In description, visually, and, I hope, in the olfactory sense...

    If you get to sample this, please share your thoughts...

    Enjoy our glorious day...

  3. Dinazad,

    Thank you for the encouragement. I will try to conjure up all the darkest forces of the universe so that they point me to the sleekest black perfume bottle designs a person's eye could meet, LOL.

  4. Chaya,

    I am very seduced as well by the inkwell concept applied towards the design of a perfume bottle.

    Have a lovely day.

  5. This one sounds gorgeous indeed.
    I love your idea of a black bottle round-up, and I would especially appreciate any comments on Leonard Balahé; I've been curious about this one.

  6. AnnE-

    Please forgive my boldness...

    This was a favorite for years, a very vanillic oriental w/amber base, lovely, with iris...
    The stopper was very sculptural, had an organic feel [like lava rock, something along that vein].

    Have you smelled it?
    I'll bet you Cathy Bottindari has some around somewhere, at Colonial Drug...
    That's where I bought mine, years ago [617-864-2222 !]

    Hope this helps...
    [Please forgive my ebullience,Helene !]

  7. AnneE,

    Great idea! I was meaning to re-sniff Balahé as I could only remember the bottle and not the scent. Will do.

  8. Chaya,

    You don't have to say anything Chaya:) This is an open forum, unless insults start being exchanged;)

  9. This looks lovely indeed - I am rarely suckered in by bottles but this might do it! Everybody's into the wenge wood these days but as far as I know this looks like the first bottle to include it in the design. Has anyone here tried the original discontinued Leonard for men?

  10. Erin,

    It is indeed a particularly elegant design.

  11. May I add my drool to those who have already visited the vision of that bottle?

  12. Hi Leopoldo,

    You may, you may, LOL! Isn't it just sleek?

  13. Just glorious!

  14. Its perfect fragrance,i'll suggest everyone to use and enjoy the awesome smell of black beauty bottle. ENCRE NOIRE..

    Sarmad (Dubai)
  15. honestly thisd fragrance is my best, and I smell it and I required but there wasnt any more and I told them to order for me but they could not and I bought the tester after many Constant urgency and I have it now. Thank you so much for the maker

    Khalid ALsaadi

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