Elizabeth Arden Untold Absolu (2014) {New Fragrance} {Perfume Adverts}

Untold_absolu_advert_arden.jpg Elizabeth Arden have launched a new flanker to Untold (2013) called Untold Absolu, a "deeper, more sensual interpretation of Untold"...

UNTOLD was inspired by the multi-faceted woman as she thrives through her life's journey--as her story evolves, so must the fragrance.

Elizabeth_arden_untold_absolu.jpeg The composition signed by perfumer Clément Gavarry of IFF features new ingredients that enhance its sophisticated character, in particular luxurious floral absolutes, red plum and black raspberry.

This new interpretation features intoxicating fruity accents that work in tandem with a sensual golden amber base. Touches of Black Raspberry and Italian Bergamot capture her elegant presence, while Red Plum and bright Ginger LMR convey her captivating allure.

The advertising is fronted by Russian model Olga Kaboulova dressed in a golden evening gown on the backdrop of the Brooklyn bridge in New York City at night.

Prices: $69 and $89 for 50 ml and 100 ml respectively.

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