Yves Saint Laurent Suprême Bouquet Luxury Edition (2014) {Fragrance News} {New Flacon}

YSL_supreme_bouquet_luxury_edition.jpg Yves Saint Laurent have introduced a Luxury Edition of Suprême Bouquet (2013) for the holidays which relies on the allure of real gold to enhance the experience of wearing the opulent jus...

Like its predecessor in the history of perfumery, Dana 24 Carat, the fragrance now comes adorned from the inside of the liquid perfume with particles covered in real 24 carat gold which are meant to illuminate the scent, adding a sense of exclusivity and preciousness, which might appear more or less convincing.

This is a limited-edition also named "Haute Parfumerie Edition".

Price is 273,90 € for 80 ml of eau de parfum dipped in gold.

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