Diptyque Essences Insensées Showcases an Exceptional Mimosa Harvest (2014) {New Perfume}


Diptyque have launched a new collection of fragrances entitled Essences Insensées which will be guided by the post-harvest tradition of the country of Grasse to create "mille-fleurs" perfumes with the floral remnants of abundant harvests, to give around. The first one in the series is based on mimosa...

There was an exceptional harvest in 2013 which allows the house to subvert the idea of the mille-fleurs, turning the idea of using scrapes and leftovers into one of showcasing an outstanding material.

The fragrances however will be ephemeral and unique to each harvest while the whole collection is presented as being a permanent commitment to finding a key note inspired by nature's bounty.

lacollection34_image_essences-insensees.jpg The Essence Insensée in 2014, besides the central mimosa ingredient, also features notes of violet, pink peppercorn, heliotrope, May rose, vanilla, maté and beeswax making for a fresh and spicy floral blend.

For the house, this new series is actually part of the Collection 34, which is both a perfume and lifestyle library with even little objects to decorate your home.

It wishes to perpetuate the spirit of the bazar, which was one which inspired the founders of the brand, who actually started out as home decoration textiles specialists.

While the flacon of Essence Insensée 2014 looks a bit like it might be one for a home fragrance, it is a personal eau de parfum perfume, also available in solid form.

Prices: 120€ for 100 ml and 45€ for the solid perfume.

Givenchy also turned to a harvest inspiration at some point in time, although they've stopped doing that now.

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