Demeter First Response Boston (2013): Honoring the Boston Marathon Bombing & Boston's Firefighters {New Perfume}


Demeter Fragrance Library have issued a special limited edition of a perfume called First Response Boston to pay homage and raise funds for the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing as well as the Boston Firefighters. 75% of sales will be donated to the Boston First Responders FundThe Scented Salamander was born in Cambridge/Boston, so we truly feel the pain people went through when the attacks occurred. Not to mention the fact that the father of the Tsarnaev brothers worked at a place and with people we know of and the family lived within a community we're familiar with. Shudders.

As someone who happened to be in the midst of the events including at MIT when the succession of attacks occurred wrote to us, the streets usually filled with busy, hard-working city dwellers and students had become for a time a textbook, eery scene of post-apocalyptic chaos,

"I felt like I was in one of those movies where a virus wipes out 99.99% of humanity overnight: streets deserted, everything closed, no traffic except police who would occasionally scream by, a tiny handful of survivors wandering around..."


 Demeter explain their project saying,

"Americans are a wonderfully diverse people, but generally speaking, we do not agree on all that much. But we certainly agree that we take care of our own, so no one was surprised to hear about the Boston First Responders Fund, which has been set up to help the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing. The Fund will be administered through the Boston Firefighter’s Credit Union, which is the host site for taking online donations.

At Demeter, we want to do our part, too.  So we created First Response - Boston, a combination of spices and flowers, overlaid with white smoke and rubber."

The brand are quick to add that the smoky notes are not meant to be a gruesome reminder of the Marathon Boston Bombing, but rather of the daily actions of the firefighters. 

"The smoke and rubber elements are to honor Boston's Firefighters, who with disregard for their own safety, constantly put themselves in harm's way for the benefit of others.  We should never forget the risks they take, and the bravery they demonstrate, each and every day."

A perfume issued in 2006 in France also honored fire fighters reminding us that this dangerous, altruistic and courageous profession sometimes take away parents leaving orphans and their families who are in dire need of emotional and financial help.

Prices are $20 for 1 oz and $39,50 for 4 oz. Available at

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