Your Initials on a Serge Lutens Flacon {Perfume Shopping Tip du Jour}



Serge Lutens are offering a free engraving on one of their flacons, from three of the categories they carry, the Exclusives, the selective distribution and the Eaux...

You can ask for up to 3 free initials to be engraved. The going rates are normally - 1 initial : 31€ - 2 initials : 46€ - 3 initials : 61€.

Offer runs from May 23, 2013 to June, 2, 2013; May 26, 2013 is Mother's Day in France.

You could also anticipate Father's Day or any other personal events and seize this opportunity to offer an object with a soul - fragrance - with a personalized touch. 

Offer available via and in stores. It takes a week for the order to be fulfilled. 

The brand cite the following perfumes as being their most famous ones today "...les plus célèbres d'entre elles" « Tubéreuse criminelle », « Cuir mauresque », « Sarrasins », « Boxeuses », « Muscs Koublaï Khan »…

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