Armani Sì: A Chypre with a Promise of High Quality & Sophistication (2013) {New Perfume}


The paradox of chypre as in chypre perfumes has been that it is an ancient style of perfume that is thriving in the midst of a modern crisis and a wholesale fear of "allergies". At first thought to be endangered due to more exacting European regulations on, in particular, oakmoss, it has never been more vibrant and young as a category of fragrancing. Rejuvenated, reinvented, reformulated, it may have got some bruises along the way, but they healed, and even better than that, they have opened the way to new beginnings and imaginings of what a chypre perfume can smell like since Coty Chypre (1917), a benchmark chypre born the year of the Russian Revolution, but not the first one to be created. Perfumer Christine Nagel, one of the leading noses in the era of neo-chypres, is the signature behind the upcoming by Armani, a new feminine pillar perfume promising high quality materials and sophistication, a trademark of chypre perfumes...

Christine Nagel is known for her work on Narciso Rodriguez for Her (2003) co-created with perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, a benchmark neo-chypre and still a bestseller. 

is said to be atypically constructed around three main accords rather than a pyramidal structure of gradual evaporation: cassis nectar, chypre and a light, musky wood. These are associated with vanilla, May rose, freesia, a drizzle of patchouli.

A specialist Mane fragrance company method of extraction has been used, which is called Jungle Essence allowing a very pure smell to be reproduced. Finally, an intense note of Orcanox mimicking ambergris is part of the formula calling once more our attention to the revival of frank animalic notes in perfumery which is apparent in a number of perfumes this year. 

According to WWD, “Our goal is to build an iconic fragrance,” said Véronique Gautier, Giorgio Armani general manager at L’Oréal Luxe, a division of industry-leading L’Oréal. “We’ve constructed a juice that’s complementary to our existing portfolio.…It’s the affirmation of a very modern woman, and it’s a product of extremely high quality.” 

Cate Blanchett who is the face of the fragrance mused that “For me, fragrance contains memory, the scent of your mother, your friends.…I think fragrance is a really subtle but important way in which women express themselves and express who they aspire to be,” Blanchett continued. “This fragrance is very chic, timeless with a freshness and warmth I find inspiring.”

"Sì will be available in three bottle sizes, 30 ml., 50 ml. and 100 ml., priced at 56, 82 and 113 euros, respectively, or about $72, $105 and $145. A scented body lotion and shower gel will complete the offering."


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