Ralph Lauren Polo Red (2013): Speed, Style & Beauty {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}



Ralph Lauren introduced a new men's perfume inspired by the color red called Polo Red. The advertising campaign is fronted by polo player Nacho Figueras but the fragrance is actually paradoxically inspired not by the sport but by a car endowed with the three cardinal qualities that Ralph Lauren appreciates in a race car: speed, style and beauty. Added to the mix is the color red which was purposefully captured in its particular vibrancy by Givaudan perfumers thanks to a molecule called Opalal with the result of a men's perfume that's high-tech at both the levels of its conceptual and technical developments...

Perfumer Olivier Gillotin said,

“I really wanted to ensure that the smell of this fragrance brought to mind the colour red – the speed and power behind the juice,” noted Givaudan Executive Perfumer Olivier Gillotin. “Polo Red has key ingredients that make it a red juice. We also used a unique molecule called Opalal that fuses the key ingredients together to create a pulsing vibration in the fragrance. In testing, it was clear this fragrance gave the perception of the colour red – which is absolutely what we wanted.” 

Perfumes and colours are deeply related. We always speak about colour or texture linking to smell. Red is quite explicit: it is about sensuality and also conveys energy.” 

The fragrance is primarily addressed to the 25-34 years old cohort as a means of expanding the reach of the Polo franchise. 

This season, two other perfumes are explictly paying homage to the color red, albeit in a more artisanal, traditional style, M.Micallef Rouge No.1 and Rouge No.2.

A search on the site with the key word "rouge" yielded a number of fragrances inspired by the color red with the key word "red" coming second.

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