Nicki Minaj Minajesty (2013) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

Pop diva Nicki Minaj will launch a new perfume come fall 2013. It's called Minajesty, after one of her nicknames. Like her other scents, the bottle is essential to the experience of the perfume. Minaj continues to play with the concept of the Barbie doll applied to fragrancing...

The singer posted on her Instagram account that "#Minajesty smells like a passionate love affair. Mysterious and sexy. An unforgettable and hypnotizing scent." 

She also took the opportunity to do a recap of her perfume launches thanks to an Instagram showing Pink Friday, Pink Friday Special Edition and the upcoming Minajesty. It's a collection.

We can see a beauty evolution of the Minaj scents going from pink to red and oscillating between pink, red, white and black. Also silver, and gold. 

More information about the perfume itself no doubt to follow soon. Meanwhile you can read: 

Nicki Minaj Perfume is Inspired by her Inner Barbz

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 

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  1. I couldn't possibly be convinced to buy a scent that is housed in such a hideously tacky container. I don't care if the juice is something out the the 1001 Nights. Yes, yes. 'Don't judge a book by the cover," and all that. Beg to diff. Sometimes all you need to see is the cover (how many of you here would pick up a book with Fabio on the cover?). This is just one of the reasons why I always ignore celebrity scents.

    • I see them as artifacts of pop culture. They're fun if not elegantly restrained, lol. I prefer this bottle over the Selena Gomez one which is incredibly kitsch.

      Chant Wagner

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