Anna Rivka Eveil (2013): Olivier Polge Signs New Independent Label Jus {New Perfume}


Parisian jewelry maker Anna Rivka has launched her debut perfume called Eveil (Awakening). It is signed by renowned perfumer Olivier Polge formerly of IFF and now at Chanel working together with his father Jacques Polge and Christopher Sheldrake... 


Fountains of perfume containing Eveil

The fragrance launched on September 19, 2013 at Prunier. The low-key party included intimates and a few celebrities from the world of show-business.

Jewelry brands have been leaders in the development of the fragrance market - here we see a cross between that category and the more confidential niche segment. 


Perfumer Olivier Polge and Clara Lederlin

The composition features notes of bergamot, iris, jasmine, woods, vanilla, tonka bean. The past is a key source of inspiration for the brand founder who confesses a predilection for the Art Deco period and likes to create revivalist and classicist styles.

Her signature perfume prior to the creation of Eveil was Quelques Fleurs d'Houbigant. One of her collections of jewels is even named after the classic perfume. The choice of an atomizer was dictated by the wish to revive a retro gesture. 

The fragrance can be found for now at Anna Rivka boutique 104, rue Vieille du Temple 75003 Paris. 

Courtesy pictures Anna Rivka

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