New York Ad Commercial for Honey by Marc Jacobs Paints the Town Yellow & Honey {Perfume Images & Ads}


Marc Jacobs released a short movie commercial for Honey after the launch last summer of their new fragrance. The film is entitled "Make a date with Honey Marc Jacobs" and features model Kaylan Morgan...

The scenario imagines that Honey is the sweet name of the girlfriend of the main protagonist. Rather than playing just on semantics and hiring, say, a female model, Marc Jacobs decided to use the visual impact of the whimsical bottle all the way down to Central Park, the Village etc. The flacon is so distinctive indeed that it would be too bad to leave it hidden. A giant size of it plays the role of the lovely date being romanced around New York City by "dapper dude". 

"Dapper dude takes Honey out for a NYC date! Watch them visit their favorite #MJhoneyspots and catch a whiff of the sweet new scent." 

Music is "We Go Well Together" by Goldheart. 

The prop is called a "factice" normally and is more classically used as a static advertising support in perfumeries. 

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