See by Chloé Now Available with a Paint Brush {Fragrance News} {New Packaging}


Seemingly taking a creative leap inspired by the popularity of nail polish, or brush-on foundation - a relatively new gesture reinventing a Geisha beauty ritual - Chloé have released a new packaging for See by Chloé which now allows for the fragrance to be applied with a small "paint brush"... 

The limited edition 30 ml fragrance bottle has been baptized "Paint a Scent". 


At the latest Makeup in Paris convention in Paris a spokesperson for Guerlain mentioned the fact that new perfuming gestures are being researched by fragrance companies like theirs as the industry are aware that current propositions are limited. 

Painting on your scent appears to be one such attempt.

Intuitively, and as a perfumista, this is something that you might have experienced even without any real scent brush as in our case with Blu by Acampora.

The new concept for See conveys the idea that a perfume bottle can be like a toy, an accessory, a thing to play with. The commercial for Marc Jacobs Honey illustrates this kind of relationship to your perfume bottle: don't just admire it, play with it!

Price: 35€ for 30 ml. 

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