EXCLUSIVE: Parfums de Nicolaï Amber Oud & Rose Oud to Launch for Holidays 2013 {Fragrance News}

Etienne_Dinet_jarre.jpgFrench niche perfume house Parfums de Nicolaï will launch a new duo of fragrances inspired by the Middle East called Amber Oud and Rose Oud this winter. The scents are based on two classic accords of Oriental, and now Orientalist perfumery, the Western olfactory mirror to the Orient...

This French twist on two traditional ideas which will no doubt bear the signature of perfumer Patricia de Nicolaï co-founder of the house and known for her ability to make a classical French perfumery style feel at home in the contemporary period. This style incorporates some influence from the Guerlain house as the nose is a member of the family. Perhaps this link is nowhere better felt than in Sacrebleu, a less than slavish reinterpretation of L'Heure Bleue, which you can imagine is quite a feat and an exercise de style in its own right.

The initial date for the launch had been set for 2014 but it has now been advanced for just before Holidays 2013.

This would be the house contribution to the mania for oud, a material and a note which is now ever more fascinating to a growing number of perfumers and Euro-American fragrance houses. 

Via press release

Picture: painting by Etienne Dinet

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