Yohji Yamamoto's Thoughts on Fashion & Perfume {Fragrant Readings}

Yohji_Yamamoto_headshot.jpgJapanese designer Yohji Yamamoto talks about his concept of fashion and explains how in his view women ought to smell like when they wear fragrance. Minimalism, Japan, a clean air of grunge, softness, subtlety and Black are some of the anchoring notions which find a way of expressing themselves in both fields...

On Fashion,

"The most important thing for both women and men, in terms of dressing, is to look sexy. Color is an issue for me. I use a lot of black and often I forget to use color. And when I do use it, I have to use something strong—stronger than black even—and so I might use a white or a beautiful, fragile red."

On Fragrance,

"When I created my fragrances, I wanted to evoke the fragrances of Japan, which are weaker than in the West. Even the flowers smell more subtle.

A woman should smell gentle. It's kind of the smell of skin, fabric softener and shampoo.

I am not an expert on men's fragrances because I have never been in love with a man. This makes a big difference!"

Read more at 20 Odd Questions for Yohji Yamamoto in the Wall Street Journal.

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