Juliette Has a Gun Anyway (2013) {New Perfume}


Juliette Has a Gun introduced a new unisex fragrance called Anyway. The brand want to offer a composition which is both simple and singular in order to cut through the clutter of the market, like lemon cuts through grease.

"Anyway" - a simple perfume that is neither too challenging nor too fancy . It should be something attractive that can be worn anytime, anywhere,"...

The composition features a pared-down formula of 15 ingredients which were streamlined to retain the best only, according to the label. 

Principal materials are Neroli essence, Green Lime Essence, Jasmine absolute, Ambrettolide ( musk + Abelmoschus), ambroxan, hedione HC.

The blend is a mix of woods, musks and hesperidic notes. The sillage is said to be luminous, subtle and persistent and on the whole claims to be "far from being an anonymous juice."

Animals - a black bulldog and an ostrich - are part of the visuals for the ad campaign. 

Prices range from 10€ for 9 x 2 ml samples; 39€ for a bullet shaped purse spray; 75€ for 50 ml and 98€ for 100 ml eau de parfum. 

Via Cosmoty.de & Juliette Has a Gun

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