L'Artisan Parfumeur Jour de Fête is Limited Edition for Spring 2014 {Fragrance News}

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L'Artisan Parfumeur will bring back Jour de Fête by popular request this coming spring 2014. Inspired by the festive candy "dragée" it was composed by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti in 2003...

Dragées are offered for baptism, communions, on wedding days and are traditionally colored with pastel or silvery shades. A hard coating of sugar reveals an almond inside. The relative bitterness of the taste of almond combined with the sweetness of sugar is meant to symbolize the joys and sorrows of life. When offered as wedding favors, they should come in fives to represent fecundity, felicity, prosperity, health and longevity while the number five is meant to symbolize the undivisibility of the union of husband and wife. In modern days, they are now offered in sixes so as to symbolize your exit option aka divorce and to symbolize the sixth part, i.e., the children and potential custody battles - kidding, but they should. 

"Jour de Fête, meaning ‘Happy Day’ or ‘Festival Day,’ is a delicious celebration of this sweet symbol of French celebrations, with its crispy sugary coat melting into a subtle vanilla. Light and airy, the dragée transports us to the wheat fields of the French countryside, reminiscent of the insouciance of childhood. Jour de Fête is a flamboyant yet delicate fragrance, a treat for special days."

The French version of the press materials states rather that the fragrance is "vaporous and delicate,"

The limited-edition will be released in March 2014. Price: 70€ for 100 ml of eau de toilette. 

For perfume history buffs, please note that Nina Ricci Premier Jour (2001) is also inspired by the dragée candy. 

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