Nina Ricci La Tentation de Nina - Smell It, Taste It, Touch It (2014) {New Perfume}

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Nina Ricci will launch a new flanker to best-seller Nina (2006) called La Tentation de Nina. Inspired by children's fairy tales and the very popular treat macaron. The new juice signs a partnership with French pastry house Ladurée est. 1862. As the tag line goes, this is a perfume which is also a macaron; this is a macaron which is also a perfume - and it is not just a metaphor because you will be able to both smell and taste La Tentation de Nina, yum!...

The limited-edition eau de toilette to be released in the spring of 2014 was composed by perfumer Olivier Cresp of Firmenich, the original creator of the fragrance. 

La Tentation de Nina is a "fresh fruity-floral" which incorporates a macaron accord to the core signature of the perfume. The fragrance is described as being "extremely addictive." Italian bergamot wraps the hesperidic notes while zesty grapefruit plays the role of exciting your desire, whatever that might mean on paper. You'll have to look out for the effect.

Other notes which make up the macaron accord in particular include raspberry, almond, lemon, and Bulgarian rose absolute.

Going back to more perfumery-oriented notes, in the base we find Bourbon vanilla, white musk and sandalwood to round off this gustatory composition. 

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Perfumer Olivier Cresp (left) and pastry chef Vincent Lemains (right)

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Ladurée Head of Pastry Creation, chef Vincent Lemains has concocted a special edition set of macarons to echo the taste-conscious fragrance. The color scheme for the new dessert is a very couture hot fuschia pink - it makes you think of Schiaparelli - gilded with shiny gold leaf. The macaron recipe rests on raspberry, lemon, almond and rose. 

Both brands see the effort as resulting in compositions operating in "osmosis" and signed by two "artists". 

A lovely story for the senses accompanies the new perfume. Stay tuned for more delicatessen and details on the soft-touch bottle and perfume. 

Available in 50 ml and 80 ml. Available in a round box of 14 macarons and a square box of 8 macarons.

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