New Book: Les Parfums du Vin is a Guide Cross-Pollinating Winemaking & Perfumery (2013) {Fragrant Readings}


French publishing house Delachaux et Niestlé have introduced a new book which should be of interested to foodies, wine- and perfume-lovers. It is entitled Les Parfums du Vin: sentir et comprendre le vin by Richard Pfister, an engineer in oenology and viticulture (The Perfumes of Wine: smelling and understanding wine). The aim of this fairly compact, hard-cover guide book is to educate our taste, smell and mind into recognizing but also memorizing 150 main perfume notes found in wines...

These encompasses notes as diverse as geranium, thuya, toast, saffron, milk, carnation, or broom. Wines, just like perfumes, offer a range of nuances to be explored more in depth thanks to exercises for your nose and palate. 

There are notes on the history of wine but also on the neurosciences. There are technical tips on how to best commit to memory the relevant nuances of wine, which for the author, are comprehensively covered in 150 differentiated notes. Possible sources of confusion are also addressed. 


What distinguishes this book from other tomes on wine tasting at first blush is that it explicitely states a connection to perfumery, and even more than that, purports to be a tool for the perfumers themselves. In a way, and as a fragrance lover, you are invited to borrow a potential textbook meant for a professional perfumer, which does not happen very often. 

The classification used in the text was devised by Pfister himself in collaboration with L'Ecole d'Ingénieurs Oenologues de Changins (the school of oenologist engineers of Changins in Nyon, Switzerland.) 

Les Parfums du Vin has the ambition to be "a guide for the perfect taster." It targets an audience comprising both professionals - be they sensory analysts, wine specialists, or winemakers - and simple perfume lovers and aficions. 

Les parfums du vin: sentir et comprendre le vin de Richard Pfister, Delachaux et Niestlé, 256 p, 2013. (13,5 x 19, 0 cm)

Price: 23,75€

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